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Beatriz Stollnitz

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🗓️ Day 17 of #30DaysOfAzureAI

Streamlining ML Development with Azure ML Components & Pipelines

Yesterday we learned about training and deploying machine learning models using Azure ML. Today is all about streamlining ML Development with Azure ML Components & Pipelines.

🎯 What we'll cover

  • Azure ML components and pipelines

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📚 References

🚌 How to train using pipelines and components in Azure ML

Check out today's article to take your machine leaning projects to new heights with Azure ML components and pipelines! Learn how to break down your training code into components, and how to connect those components into a pipeline. Organizing your work into steps with components and pipelines will boost your productivity, especially as the complexity of your project increases.

The goal for today is for you to be able to evaluate the benefits of components and pipelines for your own project, and to understand the technical aspects of implementing them.

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Today's article.

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