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Michael Washington

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🗓️ Day 14 of #30DaysOfAzureAI

Build Interactive Web Applications with Microsoft Blazor and Azure OpenAI

Yesterday we learned about some of the advances with GitHub Copilot. Today is all about building web assemblies with Microsoft Blazor and how you can call upon the Azure OpenAI service to create a rich, interactive, and intelligent web app.

🎯 What we'll cover

  • Microsoft Blazor and Azure OpenAI integration.
  • Set up guide for Azure OpenAI service.
  • Code for wrapping the OpenAIClient class and creating a UI.

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📚 References

🚌 Build and intelligent web apps with Blazor and Azure OpenAI

Read today's article about Blazor, a new web framework for building single-page applications (SPAs) using .NET and C#. It allows developers to create client-side web applications with the same language and tools used to build server-side applications. You'll also find an extensive library of code samples and demos. These code samples will provide you with practical examples of how to use Blazor and Azure OpenAI to build real-world applications.

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Today's article.

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