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25. 🏭Build a Patient Registration App

· 3 min read
Dave Glover

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🗓️ Day 25 of #30DaysOfAzureAI

Building a Patient Registration Web App with Azure Form Recognizer

Yesterday we learned about the Machine Learning for Beginners Curriculum. Today is for AI app Developers and introduces the New Patient Registration workshop. It's a one-hour hands-on lab, and you'll learn how to build an Azure Static Web App that uses the Azure Form Recognizer service.

🎯 What we'll cover

  • Automated form filling with Azure Form Recognizer
  • Integrating Azure Form Recognizer with an Azure Static Web App.

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📚 References

🚌 New Patient Registration workshop

Today's article introduces the "New Patient Registration" hands-on lab. The lab is designed to help you learn how to use Azure Form Recognizer to automate the patient registration process at a doctor's surgery. You'll learn how to create a custom Azure Form Recognizer model, integrate it with a web app, and define application roles that map to workshop personas such as surgery admin, nurse, and doctor. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a working solution that allows new patients to complete the registration form online, the web app to extract the data, and the surgery admin to verify and add the registration to the doctor's surgery system. Say goodbye to manual form filling and hello to the power of AI technologies with Azure Form Recognizer!

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