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11. 🧑‍💻Cross-Platform AI with ONNX and .NET

· 3 min read
Henk Boelman
Beatriz Stollnitz

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🗓️ Day 11 of #30DaysOfAzureAI

Building Cross-Platform AI Solutions with ONNX and .NET

Yesterday was all about the power of OpenAI to create intelligent dynamic apps. Today is for people looking to build cross-platform intelligent apps with .NET MAUI and the ONNX Runtime.

🎯 What we'll cover

  • Build intelligent apps with ONNX and .NET.
  • How AI is related to traditional programming.

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📚 References

🚌 Build cross-platform intelligent apps with ONNX and .NET

Learn how to build an intelligent cross platform .NET MAUI app running a local ML model on the ONNX runtime. The presenters, Bea and Henk, overview AI and machine learning, how to create models that learn from data to makes predictions, and how to integrate a model into a cross platform .NET MAUI app.

Accompanying source code

You'll find the accompanying source code on GitHub.

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📍 30 days roadmap

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