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· 2 min read
Dave Glover

🗞️May 2023 AiMonthly


Announcing the Azure OpenAI .NET SDK

Learn about OpenAI and the types of problems you can solve using models like GPT. The samples included provide a good starting point to begin using OpenAI in .NET with the Azure OpenAI .NET SDK.

How GPT models work

This post explains the basics of how GPT models work. My goal is for it to be accessible to everyone, even for those of you without a machine learning background.

Learning AI with GitHub Copilot

Join Carlotta and Gustavo as they kick-off the Learning AI with GitHub Copilot series, designed for machine learning beginners wishing to get started with Python with the help of a special AI assistant.

Accelerating Business Transformation through the Power of AI

AI is one of the hottest 🔥🔥🔥 industry topics right now—and for good reason! With OpenAI and other industry partnerships demonstrating what’s possible when you innovate with #AI, now is the time to get started.​

Discover what all the hype is about and the opportunities you don’t want to miss in this latest Microsoft Cloud Executive Enablement episode featuring Ali Dalloul, leader of the Strategy & Commercialization team for the Azure AI Platform.

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